Many designers will tell you that art direction comes in two forms: too much direction or none at all. A lack of direction can hinder the design process for some, but for Steve—a 20-year veteran of the graphic design discipline—it’s an opportunity to explore.

Steve has worked for corporations, advertising agencies and media networks, as well as with internal and external design teams, so he understands the creative process from both sides of the table. He’s created thousands of designs, across all mediums, for clients in a variety of industries over his two-decade career, and his favorite project thus far has been rebranding a major media company. The intense collaboration was a new experience for Steve, but one he thoroughly enjoyed.

“There were dozens of people weighing in on the development of the new brand, including the owners, senior leadership and key stakeholders,” he recalls. “Every day there was new feedback, and translating all that input into the new identity was a challenge, but the final result was a strong brand that respected our history and pointed us to the future.”