Java Hut.

Java Hut was a start-up boutique coffee shop that came to us to build their brand from scratch.

As branding experts, and coffee connoisseurs, we understand that a cup of coffee is only as valuable as the brand behind it. Think Starbucks. The logo we developed incorporates the letters J and H in the Java Hut name, arranged in a way that emulates the round softness of the shape of a coffee bean. We chose muted browns and cream tones to illustrate the warmth and satisfaction of a stellar cup of joe, and incorporated a saw-tooth motif to evoke the playfulness of coffee art.

For their brand position, Java Hut wanted to communicate their philosophies of environmental stewardship and ethical sourcing practices to their target consumers – people who are serious not only about a great cup of coffee, but also the origins of the beans and the roasting practices. We incorporated their brand philosophies into the packaging designs, using the back of the packaging to tell their unique story.

As part of the roll-out, we also developed their in-store menus, signage and services items, including coffee cups and napkins.