Lesniewicz Associates.

Before we became design2influence, we were known as Lesniewicz Associates. Our corporate offices in Toledo were not our first foray into environmental design, but certainly our most personal.

This was a complete environmental design and branding exercise that expressed our philosophy of living by design. Like our best creative work, we designed for purpose and function, and created a space that was clean, crisp and un-fussy. We communicated our modern approach to classic design theory by mixing the old with the new, combining original mouldings with glass shelving and contemporary fixtures.

Every element was thoughtfully chosen to convey a sense of a focused design group to our internal team and our visiting clients. When we couldn’t source exactly what we wanted for the space, we designed unique elements and had them manufactured to our specifications, including case goods for storage, furnishings and accessories.

We carried the consistency of the brand throughout the environment, from the lobby and work areas to the conference rooms, case goods and even the restrooms.