Sauder Manufacturing.

In the 35 years that Sauder has been a design2influence client, their business has changed a lot. The Sauder name was once associated with inexpensive furnishings that weren’t expected to last more than a few years. Over time, they’ve transitioned their manufacturing and design philosophies resulting in a product line that’s now associated with quality and timelessness. This shift required a rebranding of the Sauder business, which d2i was instrumental in executing, to elevate their company in the minds of consumers. We updated their existing brand identity to illustrate a shift forward and provided sizing, positioning and color scheme treatments to allow for wider usage of the company brand.

During this transition, Sauder developed a line of chairs geared toward hospitality and medical markets. The classic designs offer customizable fabric and color choices so each company can create a chair tailored to their unique environments. Sauder needed a catalog to market these new furnishings, and d2i created it for them.

The chair features a unique species of wood, and we wanted to honor the rarity and importance of this natural element. We photographed the chairs in wooded and other natural settings, and used color-toned photos rough cuts and the hand-crafted production process to illustrate the quality of the raw material and the construction of each piece. We carried these elements through to other sales support materials to create cohesion and consistency of message.