Waterhouse – if there’s a better name for a kitchen and bath design studio, we’ve yet to hear about it.

Design2Influence helped with the naming, and embodied their clever nature with a nod to the chemical formula for water in the design of the logo. And we translated their focus on contemporary, functional aesthetics through clean, sans-serif typography and loose kerning.

When it came to their physical environment, we focused on the exterior of the building, using decorative glass and black awnings to pop the colors in the logo and adding colorized window frames to evoke the feeling of a modern art gallery. Inside, we arranged blank gallery walls to house the product displays provided by the manufacture and chose flooring and exposed trestle lighting to further the artistic experience of kitchen and bath design.

We also developed their brand stationery, using a ghosted watermark to reinforce the key element of water and connecting the printed material to the physical space.